UK / DK: A Film About Punks And Skinheads (1984)

A film by Christopher Collins & Ken Lawrence.
Featuring interviews, live concert footage, and a feature on how punk was transformed from a trend to a way of life, UK/DK is a comprehensive look at the skinhead/punk movement.
Exploited – Fuck The USA
Vice Squad – Stand Strong Stand Proud
Adicts – Joker In The Pack
Blitz – New Age
Business – Blind Justice
Adicts – Viva La Revolution
Varukers – Soldier Boy
Chaos UK – No Security
Disorder – Life

Download: Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 Part5 Part6 Part7 Part8


3 Responses to “UK / DK: A Film About Punks And Skinheads (1984)”

  1. hey Dude great film thanks for the link only one thing
    Do you have the spanish subtitle for it?
    or you know where I can got it…..if you can help me thanks

  2. no, i dont.

  3. There’s a new film that’s done the same way UKDK was done but about the current punk rock scene after 2000 called 21st Century Punk Rock.

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